Christina Lynn
Yard Emanis

Professional Goals

I have obtained my graphic design degree at the Art Institute of Houston which was a preliminary goal of mine. After working in design for many years, I became passionate about obtaining a degree in Organizational Leadership to utilize my experiences in project management, and creative direction. With more than thirty years of experience, I felt the opportunity to hone my skills and freshen my learning is priceless. I have been looking for an opportunity to serve the non-profit sector and the creative world. I seek to use my life experiences with Texas PTA, my local community, and the local religious community to serve others in the most diverse, compassionate, and inclusive way to better our society.

The leadership that is required of today's managers is able to reframe the view of a conflict to evaluate and properly handle all views and develop a plan forward.

Available at any time. Just email, call, text or message me on my social media channels.

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