Yard Emanis

Pro Seminar II - OGL 482

Self-Assessments & Reflective Writing

I am a graphic designer with over twenty years of experience, who has returned to college to renew and refocus. I am seeking to expand my career into project management in an advertising and marketing firm. I am focused on returning to a management level as I finish my organizational leadership degree. I have a great deal of experience in leading web production, printing, and ad campaigns. I have reflected on my mission, vision, values, goals, and leadership skills as a graphic designer and a community minded individual.
These tests relate my skills, and my personality and how I address any obstacle. I hope this can give insight and clarity to my leadership abilities. My personal narrative was developed in my OGL 482 class to allow an insight into how I have dealt with challenges and waterfall moments in my life. This is certainly not a fairy tale story but one of strength and unrelenting drive.

Christina's Personal Narrative

My Thematic Analysis

This is a theme of how I lead and live my life. I use my vision and my mission to bring about an ethical leadership that supports and encourages my team to further growth and competency.

Christina's Thematic Analysis

AZCIS Skills

This is an Interest Profiler, Summary of Selected Skills, the Holland Personality Types, and careers suited to these choices I have made.

Christina's AZCIS Skills
Christina's AZCIS Career


This is Indigo The Assessment test that measures the top five skills, strengths, and motivators behind my leadership. I hope this insight will give clarity and insight into my management style.

Christina's Indigo Assessment


The McFletcher corporation test was measuring work-style, with my personality. This helped in viewing how personality and leadership style come together in my management helping me to fulfill my role as an Adaptor with Project Manager WorkStyle Profile. This specific group tries to fit the respondent into a win-win environment understanding their skills and their preferences and how they adapt to their stressors.

Christina's WorkStyle Patterns Individual Inventory

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