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Professional Skills & Knowledge

As I obtained my many years of experience, I was fortunate to develop a strong skill set. My skills include Communication, Creativity: Detail Oriented, Computer with Web Development, Microsoft, Excel, PowerPoint, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Dreamweaver, & Adobe Illustrator, Work Ethic, Project Management, Budgeting, and Leadership. In this table below you can see the clients and jobs where I utilized and developed my skills through these opportunities.

Clients with Skills
Sponsor Skills & Experience
Houston Chronicle

Skills: Project Management, Creativity, and Communication

Created web sites for Multimedia Interactive site called Voyager. Also created editorial sections from the paper online with collaboration from writers and editor from paper. James Byrd Junior was one of my features that gained great respect from the top level of the Chronicle.

Virtual Apartment Realty/NeoScript Publishing

Skills: Creative Direction, Web Development, Project Management, Communication Skills

Created virtual apartment tour product on DVD and online. Project Direction and Creative Direction of a team of seven.


Skills: Web Development, Attention to Details

Corrections to code from a creative team that used scriptwriting software to transfer their designs into HTML. Very difficult to find the flaws without current software capabilities.

Skills: Analytical Thinking, Interpersonal Communication, Creativity, Graphic Design

Freelanced with several ads placed in Sunday paper to correct a spill or leak in the early 1990s. Created illustrations and consumer awareness for carbon foot and employee initiatives to conserve. Worked with the Diversity and Inclusion group. Created logo for the Houston BP Diversity and Inclusion Group.
Bridgeway Software

Skills: Graphic Design

Created full-page ads, Brand Bible, illustration, tradeshow displays, web graphics, web development, and project direction.

Law Group-ILDE

Skills: Project Management, Web Development, Communication, Initiative

Created a web site, moved old web data from one host to the new host. Created trade show display, ads, and managed the volunteer group coordinating meetings and educational events.

Texas PTA

Skills: Project Management, Leadership, Communication, Initiative, Interpersonal Communication, Conflict Resolution, Budget Management, Flexibility

Lead in two groups with volunteers, membership, and community projects. Needed to acquire funding and follow procedures for cash management per the Texas Parent Teacher Association. Attended leadership training four years in each Texas PTA Summer Seminar.

Second Baptist Church

Skills: Project Management, Leadership, Communication, Initiative, Interpersonal Communication

Here I served as a volunteer for several years leading in volunteers for the nursery and bible studies. I was invited to be on staff by Page, the Nursery Director. I was evaluated on my leadership skills and my ethics by a board of church leaders, after this two month waiting period I was moved from volunteer to staff member.

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