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My name is Christina Lynn Yard Emanis and I am an ASU graduate. I have returned to college to get a BA Christina in Arizonain Organizational Leadership and a Minor in Business. This is my e-portfolio to show the business world my skills. . I have worked with small design firms, start-ups, large tech companies, BP, and Hurst Magazine's Houston Chronicle. My most rewarding time was with the Houston Chronicle because I produced websites that were shared by a global audience. I was the webmaster of the At Sea site when a distant family member emailed me from Great Britain. He was impressed by the At Sea site I had designed and the fact we were distant cousins. Creating websites for the Chronicle in 1996 was amazing.

I understand start-ups and have utilized all my skills in this cauldron of innovation and produced remarkable products with little capital and a small team of developers. I am resourceful and creative and have a well developed skill in project management.


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