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Illustration has been a joy to me from early in life. I illustrated horses on my aunt's horse ranch and then on into my career as a graphic designer. I stepped away from my career as a full-time Creative Director and web producer to volunteer in my community and then was asked to teach in two preschools. I loved this chance to teach children my love of art and design.

Christina next to Uncle Montery CA

I have fifteen years’ experience with preschool education and art instruction. I love to create an atmosphere of growth and acceptance. In my projects with children, we have incorporated the curriculum and created multidimensional learning to reinforce their core knowledge requirements for entering the public school system. I was very proud of my service with Second Baptist Church, Katy's First Baptist Preschool First Steps and Kingsland Baptist's Child Enrichment Center. I learned wonderful leadership skills here and enriched my knowledge in early childhood development and special needs education.

I was a graphic designer of twelve years when I stepped away from full-time design work. I believe giving this time to the development of my two boys AJ and Joel were worth every second. I needed to increase my visibility in my children's lives and volunteer where they were as an example of our civic duty. I loved being able to experience each hallmark in their growth into young men. They are now in college and obtaining their degrees in engineering.

I love to travel. My latest trips have taken me to the Bahamas, New York, Hawaii, Tennessee, Arizona, and California. I love these experiences and hope to leave my destination as I found it. When I travel, I love to view nature and I am focused on conservation and clean air. How can we keep this great ecosystem thriving? I live in Texas and love the motto, " Don't Mess with Texas" because it is a state that is paying attention to its footprint on the ecosystem.


Volunteering is an important part of my life. As I focused on my community I engaged with the local church, my neighborhood and school district. It was a very rewarding time that I will continue to lead within my community.
I earned the President's Volunteer Award twice. I was the Vice President of Membership with my local schools’ Texas PTA. I was an active volunteer for this PTA throughout my children’s years at these schools.
Family in Montery I volunteered with Second Baptist Church for over ten years within the nursery, preschool and bible study ministries. I led groups of parents and teens in creating the scenery for vacation bible school. I was a woman’s bible study teacher for two bible studies.

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